100 Club

The 2017 100 Club is now closed.

The 100 Club has been a great success over the last 13 years and the money raised has helped the GVRS to keep it's finances in the black.

It also kept us in the enviable situation in that we are one of the few Clubs who don't charge exhibitors or spectators for entry to the Rally.

To keep the Club in this desirable state please consider joining.

Here's how it works

Participants give us £12 to enter 12 monthly draws (£1 per month).

If we get 100 members there will be 11 monthly prizes of £25 and £15

and a Christmas draw of £100, £60, and £30 (£630 in total).

If we don't get 100 entries, the prizes will be reduced accordingly.

Obviously if we get more than 100 they will be increased.

Participation is open to anyone over the age of 16 years of age and you can enter as many times as you wish. Your friends and relations can also take part. The first draw will be made in late January, so please return your applications by the deadline.