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Vintage mower collection,
Cars, Spares &Tools for sale

David Jones from Fetterangus is selling his farm.
He has a large amount of cars, spares, tools etc which he has to sell.
If you are interested in anything call him on:
01771 623696
or email


BOSCH GT (Halogen) driving lamps, PAIR, still in (tatty) box, don't appear to have ever been fitted.  Black metal backs. Not sure of age but must be 'classic' era!  Original pair of 55W  bulbs included in package, no guarantee though!  As found in my late fathers garage.  £30 
Near Barthol Chapel,  



A rare opportunity to purchase a 1947 Sunbeam Talbot 2 litre Saloon
for restoration, one of only 12 known to exist.

The previous owner dismantled it sold it to me as a restoration project.
However, now seventeen years later I find this too much work and will sell it on.

For the person with the right skills this is an opportunity to buy and restore
a very rare Sunbeam.

For more details call Harold on 01888 568777



Workshop/barn/shed with power and light in
kemnay, inverurie, kintore or alford area Use: working on classic and modern vehicles
doing a range of mechanical works including chassis welding,
panel fabrication etc. Flexible terms and lease preferred Contact: Thomas 07752028282


Handbooks and spare parts

Also Austin A40, Maxi, and a Maestro Workshop Manual.

There are also some spare parts, wipers etc.

A donation to the local church would be appreciated.

Contact Trevor on 07777 665590 or


Various for sale

As I inherited these screens I'm not entirely sure, I suspect the smaller ones are
Morris minor / Austin A35, the middle sized are possibly A40ish
and the larger one a Ford Zodiac, Zephyr, Consul as it has quite a curve.
I'm in Longmanhill near MacDuff. If you want to see any of them.

7 wind/rear screens and a set of door windows
1 chrome bumper (fairly heavy duty) (see photos)
1 Petrol tank and fuel pipe
Spare wheel with tyre 160x65 R
1 set of Brake pads (mini)
Toyota Luggage box and lockable cross bars for Corolla verso/Rav 4
Set of Cross bars for an Avensis
Phone 07791 307 980


For Sale

New & second hand tyres .
Variety of Starter motors & dynamos/alternators
Phone George on 01464 820372


For Sale:-   1600cc BMC  'B' series engine and gearbox.
Fits Austin/Morris etc Farina range from early sixties. 

For Sale:-  Pair of steel wheels and tyres off  Triumph 2500 TC 1975.
Wheels are in excellent condition. Tyres good but old.

Contact:-  Douglas Scott ( In Aberdeen )
01224 861894 or


Contact George on 01464 820372

10hp front axle complete (early type Lichfield )
A30/35, steering box, radiators, king-pin set, rear axle. radiator, badges, flying “A” etc
AJS cars Front axle 9hp? with 19” artillery wheelsTriumph 2 off dynamos (chain drive)
A40 Somerset, 16” road wheels (they also fit Rice trailers & horse boxes etc)
A70 some instruments,
Late 30's Anglia , back axle, steering box & wheel, road wheels 16” & 17” 100E, rear axle & springs 105E, dash Mid 50s . Cortina Mk II bits Granada Mk I & II bits II 2L and new radiator for Mk II 2L 40mm twin choke side draught carbs as follows:- 1 off Solex & 1 off Dell'Orto suitable for 2000E
Mid to late 30s Minx, 2 full sets of glass Road wheels 16”, brake drums, also horn & indicator control unit Imp, complete engine, brake shoes & drums, fuel tank
Allegro, rear axle assemblies Metro & Allegro, engine & gearbox bits, some body bits – bumpers, lights etc. Metro, complete rear sub frame Metro, metric size tyres (as new)
MG ZA, road wheels 15”, also diff ? & ½ shafts ?
Mid 30s, 8hp engine, gearbox, axles & steering box Mid 30s, 10/4 ? dynamo 10hp 1933, road wheels 19” (4 off) Minor & 1000 & Van, rear axles, road wheels (early & late type), rear windows, pr. rear van doors, windscreens – split & one piece, radiators etc. Dash panel for Lo-Lite Minor – 1948 on
NSU RO 80 loads of parts body & mechanical, also genuine RO alloy wheels
PEUGEOT 309/405, engine & gearbox units (diesel) 1.9, turbo & non turbo. Most bits available
ROVER Complete dash panel with instruments, for mid 30s car, VGC Gearbox for mid 30s car
Mid 30s Flying Standard, gear box Mid 50s 10hp, gear box 1960ish Ensign, complete dash panel & instruments Vanguard & Ensign, road wheels – 15” & 16”
Qty. of new & second hand hub caps Qt. of 18” &19” bolt on & centre lock wire wheels – Hillman Aero Minx, Riley etc. Qt. of new & second hand tyres – 10” to 19”. Please ask Qt. of oil filters, fan belts, brake shoes & pads – Allegro, Marina , Triumph, Vauxhall, Viva etc. Various new & second-hand carbs. Please ask
Loads of lights & bits for cars, tractors & commercials. Too many to list. Please ask 1 pr. head lamps with mounting bars for mid 30s Rover 1 pr. head lamps with mounting bar & twin horns for 1948 Austin 16hp Qt. of dynamos, starters, alternators, distributors, coils, cb points, condensers, brushes Strap-on 12V starters for P3 & P6 Perkins engines
TRACTOR & COMMERCIAL SPARESDavid Brown, 900/950front wheels, hubs & stubs. 900 rear wheel centre Ferguson “T” type, engine, gearbox, rear axle parts, road wheels, steering boxes, gauges, fuel tanks & continental road wheels Ford 3000, gearbox parts & rear wheels Ford Fergie, rear wheel centre Fordson Major, engine, gearbox, rear axle parts, road wheels, steering boxes, gauges, front axles etc. Loads of other bits, too many to list. Please ask Fordson E27N Major, front wheels – with & without mud rings International 414, rear wheels, dash panel, dynamo & fuel pump International Nuffield, set of road wheels for petrol/TVO tractor Nuffield, set of road wheels for Perkins P4 tractor Nuffield, set of road wheels for Universal 4 tractor Thorneycroft Lorry 1920s ?, pr. front wheels, hubs & stubs (no drums, unbraked axle) Complete mast with forks for 2 ton cap. fork lift – complete with spool valve & hydraulic pump. Would adapt to fit tractor.
New 600x19 tractor front tyres + various other tractor front tyres 750x16 Land Rover & tractor tyres – S/H 1 pr 10x28 grassland tyres – S/H Some odd 24” & 28” tyres also 14x30 tyres 16” & 20” lorry tyres – S/H. Some on rims


Wanted - Volvo 480 part

I need a front spring 'lower spring pan' 
This is the bit that the front spring sits on and then this sits on a bearing ring on top of shock-absorber. Pretty sure any 400 series will fit ie 440, 460 or 480. ----------------------------------------------------------


Looking for Shock Absorbers Luvax Model B

These are barrel type shocks about 4" diameter, used in the 30-s



Ford Sierra type 9, 5speed gearbox.
Also wanted a propshaft to go with the type9 gearbox.
The front half of a propshaft would do.

Phone John on 01224 315482



Lucas Ft57 head light , I also require the internal reflectors from the sidelights on a grey fergie.

mail Gary at


I am looking for magneto or parts M L  single cylinder stationary engine /motor cycle
the type is nak anything considered .
01651 873210 MIKE WATT.


I am looking for all parts for a Triumph Herald
Body panels etc.
Phone Peter on 01467 622577