2005 Ian Reid
2006 John Inglis
2007 John Ratcliffe
2008 D. Harper
2009 Rob Watt
2010 James Bruce
2011 No Award
2012 Philip Pratt
2013 Steve Webber
2014 James Gray
2015 Nathalie Webster
2016 Gordon Officer
2017 John Campbell
2018 John Ratcliffe
2019 No Competition
2020 No award. Rally cancelled (Covid)
2021 No award. Rally cancelled (Covid)
2022 David Simon


awarded for
The best in car tests

John Ritchie was a member of the G.V.R.S. for many years and restored several cars in his lifetime.
The last of these was MLY 913 the 1952 Alvis Drophead now owned by his nephew Peter Milne
and is still being taken to rallies up and down the country.
John's attitude was that the cars should be used and not kept locked away in garages,
and he loved nothing better than to try his skills in the tests.
For this reason when he died in 1993 the family decided to donate a trophy for tests in his memory.