2005 Mrs. Norma Hay
2006 William Laird
2007 Mrs. Helen Mitchell
2008 William Laird
2009 Cecil Mitchell
2010 Sandy Horn
2011 Craig Shearer
2012 George Shearer
2013 George Shearer
2014 Peter Donald
2015 Rhia Innes
2016 Michael Hay
2017 Peter Donald
2018 Peter Donald
2019 Derek Innes
2020 No award. Rally cancelled (Covid)
2021 No award. Rally cancelled (Covid)
2022 Derek Innes


awarded for
The best closed crank engine (Class 15a)

Donated by William Munro from Drumblade who worked at the
Station Garage, Oldmeldrum.

He worked with Stationary Engines when he was younger.